SolutionMUS can help you

  • Tackle the multi-dimensional aspects of poverty more cost-effectively.
  • Address multiple national development targets simultaneously.
  • Streamline your approach for measuring impacts.


Are you unsure how to deal with the challenges of introducing SolutionMUS?


  • Working across sectors can be difficult since many technical government agencies are sector-based.


  • Work at the local level where departments are less compartmentalized.
  • Develop action plans around common points of interest across sectors.
  • Create incentives for integrated approaches.
  • Establish effective interagency coordination mechanisms.


 How you can help promote SolutionMUS

  • Allocate funds for Multiple-Use Water Services.
  • Support the development and financing of integrated programs across sectors.
  • Develop guidelines that account for water quantities needed to support health and livelihoods needs.
  • Use indicators that prioritize sustainability.
  • Account for benefits that may fall outside of a given sector, and measure the value that integrated programming adds.


Policymakers on Multiple-Use Water Services

Honorable Minister Stanislas Kamanzi, Minister of Natural Resources, Rwanda

In 2012, Winrock International invited the Honorable Minister Stanislas Kamanzi, Minister of Natural Resources of Rwanda, to Stockholm Water Week where he spoke about how MUS can help achieve the Government of Rwanda’s water policy objectives and contribute to the country’s Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy.

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