SolutionMUS can help you


  • Improve the sustainability of investments by increasing people’s ability and willingness to maintain water infrastructure.
  • Facilitate conflict-free project implementation by addressing the needs of all water users.
  • Increase project efficiency through integrated monitoring across sectors.
  • Stabilize funding by working across sectors.


Are you unsure how to deal with the challenges of introducing SolutionMUS?


  • Maintaining quality programming across sectors.
  • More investment may be needed to design and implement integrated programs.


  • Partner with like-minded organizations that have the necessary technical skills for health, livelihoods and environment activities.
  • Expand your services gradually based on available resources.
  • Partner with organizations that have complementary funding in the same location to leverage existing funding.
  • Integrate financing from multiple donors.


How you can get started with SolutionMUS

  • Assess how water is being used and identify challenges and opportunities in providing needed services.
  • Use more holistic planning to help mitigate negative impacts of unplanned water uses and build upon positive impacts.
  • Provide enough water for livelihoods activities when providing water services.
  • Ensure some water is of adequate quality and reliability to meet household needs.
  • Assess the sustainable yield of water resources and potential environmental impacts of Multiple-Use Water Services projects.
  • Empower women to make decisions and participate in ownership of water services and related benefits.
  • Participate in learning forums with organizations already implementing Multiple-Use Water Services projects.


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