SolutionMUS can help you


  • Get a better return for every dollar invested. Increase income by $0.50 – $1.00 with each additional liter of water provided (above the international norm of 20 liters per person per day).
  • Address many poverty reduction strategies simultaneously (improved health, increased food security, livelihoods diversification and enhanced climate resiliency).
  • Enhance the sustainability of your water sector investments.


Are you unsure how to deal with the challenges of introducing SolutionMUS?


  • Funds are allocated by sector.
  • Funding new approaches is challenging.


  • Break down silos for funding by setting aside some resources specifically for integrated programming.
  • Co-design a program with pooled sources of funding from different sectors.
  • Consult with other funders and sector experts to understand costs, timeframes and expected results of SolutionMUS.
  • Consider pilot activities or innovation funds for learning, replication and scale-up.
  • Use indicators that focus on sustainability of impact rather than on number of people initially served.


How you can get started with SolutionMUS

  • Start discussions across sectors within your organization or among colleagues and grant recipients to identify opportunities that are aligned with your mission.
  • Create incentives for integrated programming, such as opportunities to combine WASH, nutrition, and agricultural extension, or climate change and food security.
  • Help implementers find complementary partners across sectors.
  • Fund initiatives for innovation, learning, replication and scale-up.


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