Solution Stories

burkinabe upgrades trad well 400x300

Burkinabe Household Invests in Upgrading Traditional Well

Upgrading traditional wells provides more water for productive uses.

Investment Sustainably Meets Needs 400x300

Household Self-investment Sustainably Meets Real Water Needs

Convenience, safety, and income generation opportunities make upgrading wells worthwhile in rural Burkina Faso.

MUS meets local needs in Burkina Faso 400x300

MUS Meets Local Needs of Clients and Creates Jobs for Local Private Enterprises 

Low-cost technologies make improved wells affordable for rural families and drives business for local entrepreneurs.

Water Brings Health and Wealth Photo 400x300

Water Brings Health and Wealth to Nepal

A combination of more water and technical training allow rural Nepali families to substantially increase their income.

A Kabori Story Niger 2010 photo 400x300

A Kabori Story – A Family Upgrades Their Multiple-Use Water Services

A Nigerien family struggles with limited water access until a combination of technologies helps them meet all of their water needs.

Cluster repairmen attend in-depth rope pump repair course photo 400x300

Cluster Repairmen Attend In-depth Rope Pump Repair Course

Technical training ensures sustainability of community water points.


Hand Washing Stations Convenient and Healthy Niger 2010 photo 400x300

Handwashing Stations: Convenient and Healthy

Is an investment of 71 cents just as important as $2,000 dollars? This family thinks so.


Lavina Venance - Small-scale organice vegetables photo 400x300

Lavina Venance – Small-scale organic vegetable producer

Levina doubted that a simple kitchen garden could transform her life, but it has.

Juma Mape Well Driller 400x300

Juma Mape – Manual Well Driller

With training and support, a local well driller becomes a financially successful entrepreneur.


Peter Mbuya - Improved Poultry Production Photo 400x300

Peter Mbuya – Improved Poultry Production

More water and technical training means more chickens; And more chickens means a better house, school, and maybe even a car.

 Pauline Kangoro – Moringa Producer

In 2013, USAID WA-WASH identified Pauline Kangoro as a leader in her community for the production of moringa and sent her for training at the ICRISAT center in Niger along with a group of nine other gardeners. One year later, Pauline was invited to the Ghana Permaculture Institute to learn how to process moringa for cosmetic uses.

On Multiple-Use Water Services

Introduction to MUS: Keep the Water Flowing

Assessing and Planning Water Services with SolutionMUS

Managing Integrated Water Services with SolutionMUS

Promoting Local Supply Chains with SolutionMUS

Improving People’s Livelihoods with SolutionMUS: Small Livestock

Improving People’s Livelihoods with SolutionMUS: Livestock and Gardening

A Kabori Story: Multiple-Use Water Services in Action