SolutionMUS in the Field

SolutionMUS has been implemented in partnership with local governments, local and international non-governmental organizations, and the local private sector in seven countries, improving the health and livelihoods of 200,000 people. Our experience has shown that SolutionMUS works in settings as diverse as the rural Sahel, Himalayan foothills, and rural mountainous areas in central and eastern Africa. It has been applied in programs targeted towards agricultural, pastoralist and peri-urban communities.

Burkina Faso

Private investment for public good: Upgrading household hand-dug wells to increase reliability, safety, and resiliency of water services for a range of domestic and productive uses.

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Cost-effective water services enable households to sustainably improve their health and livelihoods. 

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Under Development…

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Comprehensive development for marginalized rural populations through Multiple-Use Water Services and complementary livelihood and health activities.

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Enhanced resiliency through sustainable and scalable cost-effective water service options.



Increasing water security through integrated water services combined with a holistic package of health, livelihood and environmental support programs.

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Strategic collaboration with local organizations and entrepreneurs to develop and scale-up sustainable water services for domestic and productive uses.

Capacity Building and Training


Winrock International has provided local governments, implementing organizations, foundations, bilateral organizations, and others with in-depth, comprehensive training on SolutionMUS. Using a 3-day training program as a base, workshops and sessions can be customized for a variety of audiences.

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SoluitonMUS works with a variety of research institutions in order to build upon the evidence base for Multiple-Use Water Services and contribute to development and policy discussions on the provision of water services worldwide. If you are a research institution and are interested in working with us, please feel free to get in touch.