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New Year activities come in full-swing in Hawaii. The horse or dissertation superior papers "Ma" in Chinese’s year, denotes a brilliant, energetic and warm-hearted character. These are generally smart, variety, common and have a pleasant disposition. The season of the moose starts on formally on Friday 31st, but celebrations are currently occurring earlier depending on the selected timeframes along with the island. Here are a few of the key gatherings planned through the destinations: Oahu Area The Chinese New Year Narcissus Festival and Celebration Jan 24th Cultural Plaza 10am – 10pm Open to the entrance that is public and free Night in Chinatown Street Festival Saturday 25th Hotel Ready to accept people – free entrance Evening in Parade With 200 marchers and companies 3:30 – 5:30 Richards Street/ Hotel Street Chinese New Year Celebration February 1st, Jan 31st Cultural Plaza Free entrance Island 15TH ANNUAL CUSTOM THE NEW YEAR OF THE HORSE The yearly Chinese New Year festival is kept at the maui mall 70. Kahului, Kaahumanu opportunity March 1 from 9am to 2pm Free admission Festivals include Asian projects, dances, societal features and photography, enjoyment, food booths, plus a keiki costume competition. Hawaii Area The Annual Hilo Chinese New Celebration Downtown Hilo January 9am – 3pm Festivities include food compartments and business advantage calligraphy and products routines, Chinese lion dancers, Keiki fashion show and food tastings Entry that is free