SolutionMUS health benefit-enhancing activities result in


  • Reduced vulnerability to water-related illness and malnutrition
  • An estimated 20%-40% reduction in diarrhea prevalence associated with handwashing, safe household water quality, improved sanitation and access to improved water supply
  • Decreased undernutrition among children under five through integrated WASH and nutrition services and more varied diets

Impact Pathway


  • People reached with hygiene and sanitation awareness and behavior change programs
  • Latrines and handwashing stations
  • People trained in nutrition and home food preservation


  • Improved hygiene practices
  • Latrines used consistently; no open defecation
  • Safe household water storage and treatment
  • More diverse and nutritional diets


  • Decreased incidence of diarrheal disease
  • Better absorption of food
  • Enhanced nutritional status
  • Higher worker productivity
  • Increased school attendance, especially for girls


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