SolutionMUS adds value to ongoing efforts to provide water services to people living in poverty through

  • a clear, consistent conceptual framework, technical standards and a step-by-step process
  • impact-boosting programs that enhance people’s health and livelihoods, and contribute to environmental sustainability
  • rigorous field testing and evaluation
  • an active learning and sharing platform to encourage continuous improvement
  • a growing package of technical support and training products for implementers, funders, policymakers and researchers.


As interest in MUS has accelerated, the demand for a well-defined, evidence-based implementation methodology has grown. SolutionMUS is Winrock’s effort to address this gap by complementing and building on the efforts of other early MUS innovators such as the MUSGroup network. Since 2005, Winrock has worked with local and international organizations to develop, test and refine the SolutionMUS approach in diverse settings, supported by funders including the Rockefeller Foundation, the US Agency for International Development, the Coca-Cola Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. An expanding base of evidence attests to the effectiveness of SolutionMUS.


How to Get Involved

Winrock welcomes inquiries from implementing organizations, donors, governments and research institutes interested in applying and refining the SolutionMUS methodology. Please visit the Work with Us page and/or contact us directly for more information.

We also invite your to share feedback about the SolutionMUS approach and your experiences with implementation.