People living in poverty need water for drinking, hygiene, sanitation, growing food, watering livestock and earning income.

Multiple-use water services (MUS) is a holistic approach to delivering water services that meet people’s health and livelihood needs.

SolutionMUS is a tested methodology for delivering MUS that links water services with impact-boosting health, livelihood and environment programs.

The Challenge

SolutionMUS is a tested methodology

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Integrated water services provide water for drinking, other domestic needs and livelihoods.


Hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition programs deepen health benefits.


Crop, livestock, and enterprise programs increase income, food security and resilience.


Source protection, ecosystem, and waste management programs boost environmental sustainability.

SolutionMUS at a Glance

Why SolutionMUS?

Despite broad support for its underlying principles, MUS lacks a widely recognized, systematic approach for on-the-ground application. SolutionMUS offers a structured MUS methodology, adaptable to diverse locations and contexts, with a growing evidence base that attests to its effectiveness.

How SolutionMUS Works



What Are The Benefits

  • More convenient, equitable and sustainable water services
  • Improved health and nutrition
  • Expanded livelihoods, incomes and food security
  • Protection of environmental quality and reduced conflict

More empowered, resilient and sustainable communities 


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